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Crafting immersive gaming experiences for all ages.

Our Portfolio

[FREE UGC] Epic Rap Battles [VOICE CHAT 🔊]

Epic Rap Battles

983 playing now, 31,809,715 plays

[💫TRADE AURAS] Dragon Soul | Anime Adventure🐲

Dragon Soul

2,295 playing now, 77,506,933 plays

Partnership with Aimlabs (on Steam)

Aimblox ('20-'23)

702 playing now, 270,850,418 plays

Partnership with Warner Bros. & Roblox
City of Rolantis

City of Rolantis ('18)

8,976,689 plays

[FREE] Wild Revolvers

Wild Revolvers

100,301,265 plays

Bandit Simulator

Bandit Simulator

39,199,904 plays

Castle Defenders

Castle Defenders

5,564,792 plays

[NITRO DELOREAN] Car Tycoon! Demo

Car Tycoon

35,623,224 plays

Clone Run! 🚀

Clone Run

194 playing now, 48,562,165 plays

Partnership with ZURU
[ADOPT!] Raise a Rainbocorn!🦄 Pets + Roleplay⭐

Raise a Rainbocorn!

382 playing now, 6,711,137 plays

[MAPS] untitled boxing game🥊

untitled boxing game

33,432 playing now, 451,930,595 plays

Brands we've made projects with

Warner Bros. Discovery
Aim Labs

Photo from Epic Rap Battles

Dive into the Metaverse

Unleash your game vision with Novaly, a top developer led by ex-Roblox employees who started their journey as players in 2007

Game Development

Create your own Roblox game and join hundreds of top brands on the platform. Our branded title ("Aimblox") is among the top 10 most played branded experiences with over 250M plays.

Interactive Brand Integration

Quickly integrate your brand within our existing games with limited time events, items, advertisements, and more. We will work closely with you to expand the reach of your brand to our 10M+ monthly active players.

Virtual Items

Release branded virtual items on the Roblox UGC Marketplace for millions of players to buy or earn for free. Players will be able to wear your virtual items into nearly every Roblox experience.

Paid Ad Campaigns

Creating art optimized for high click-through rate, placing in-game ads, and using Roblox's in-platform currency ("Robux") which is more efficient than USD, we optimize your ad campaigns (and our own) for popularity.


Through a mix of industry-standard and in-house tools, we track how players engage with your brand by measuring time spent, retention, and growth. We offer data visualizations, A/B testing, AI tools, and more.

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